Creative Director Justin Jarrett Honored

Our Principal Creative Director, Justin Jarrett, was recently honored as the 2014 Philadelphia Entrepreneur of the Year for his work here at Jtwo and our partner company, FullCircle Intermedia. His creative influence can be seen peppered across our work on the web or television screens everywhere. In the past thirteen months he has shot a documentaries in Africa and India (seriously, who gets this much vacation time?), traded jibes with everyone’s favorite big man Shaq, and has had work shown on ESPN, PBS, Yahoo Sports, NBC, CBS and more.

Needless to say this guy, has been busy (busy campaigning – shaking hands & kissing babies). If you see him, tell him to get back to the Jtwo Studio….our work is just beginning…

Our work shows at Phillies Game

Projects That Matter’s Work Shows at Phillies Game

One of our favorite clients recently held their “Hope Family Reunion” at the Phillies Game. They asked us to put together a piece to show to the crowd at Citizens Bank Park for the event

5 Ways NPOS Can Get More Out of Their Social Media

5 Ways NPOS Can Get More Out of Their Social Media

A special thank you to Hilary Young for the shout out in a recent article on non-profits and social media usage

” Seeing is convincing in the fundraising world. Put another way, a powerful video (well-produced, no more than two and a half minutes, call to action at the end) is worth a thousand words. And before you decide this strategy is too pricey, hunt around for a discount. Services like those offered by JTwo Films’ Projects That Matter initiative can defray costs.”

Read The Entire Article Below!

5 Ways NPOS Can Get More Out of Their Social Media 

Partnering with Cora Women

Partnership with Cora Women

We are proud to announce that as part of our Projects That Matter Initiative we have officially partnered with Cora! As part of our new venture our Director, Justin Jarrett will travel to INDIA with Cora to create a film that captures the beauty and hardship of girls seeking an education and a better future for themselves. Learn more about Cora at www.corawomen.com

Our Journey to Kenya

Journey to Kenya

As part of our PTM initiative we recently sent our award-winning documentary team to Kenya to travel alongside A Voice is Heard – a nonprofit organization whose mission is to work in partnership with children and families of developing nations who are in need of the basic necessities of life. They seek to find sustainable solutions for the provision of food, water, medical care, education and alternative sources of income.

Our 21-day journey into the heart of the Amboseli region to work with the Maasai tribe was filled with challenges, emotions, roadblocks and incredible experiences.

As we begin to look back, recover and reload from our journey to help Become The Difference we so often speak about, we will slowly start to share some of our stories – piece by piece until our next feature length documentary is ready for the world.

Until then, stay tuned, as the next story we tell will undoubtedly be our most important.


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